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Illustration of a ship on a stylized blue ocean with digital grid lines rising to form mountain shapes in the background. Above in the sky, there is a small plane depicted to the upper left side. The image fades to white towards the top and has a transparent background.
Illustration of a ship on a stylized blue ocean with digital grid lines rising to form mountain shapes in the background. Above in the sky, there is a small plane depicted to the upper left side. The image fades to white towards the top and has a transparent background.


Connecting maritime operations

Connectivity and cyber security at sea has become essential for efficient operations, security, crew welfare, and stakeholder interest. Analog sailing is simply no longer viable, and onshore plug-and-play won’t cut it. That's where we come in.

Our mission is to get your ships online, keep your ships online, and protect your ships online. More than 500 vessels already sail safely and connected with Globetech solutions on board. And that's just the beginning of our journey to help digitalize the maritime and offshore industries.

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The Globetech Solutions
– tailored for a life at sea

We offer a variety of solutions with a common purpose: to let you sail safely and connected.

Aerial view of a container ship at sea with digital overlays of security and network connection graphics, highlighting a padlock symbol in the center, symbolizing cybersecurity and data protection in maritime transport

Cyber Security

Safeguarding assets and data at sea is critical. As technology advances, cyber attacks also become more sophisticated.
Your best defense is to stay one step ahead. 

  • Secure Network Infrastructure: Safeguard your vessel's digital connections with our network infrastructure, including micro-segmentation, access control, and advanced security features.

  • Awareness Program: Strengthen your defense against cyber threats with our security awareness programs, educating personnel on organization-specific risks for an effective response.

  • Security Consulting: Enhance your cyber defenses with our Security Services, offering vessel operational security, personalized advisory support, and tailored awareness programs.

Aerial image of a cargo ship at sea with glowing blue digital overlays suggesting advanced navigation, tracking, and logistic systems. The ship is heavily laden with containers and is leaving a wake in the water, emphasizing the integration of technology in maritime transport.


Information and Communication Technology in remote marine environments require specialized solutions. We ensure reliability, durability, and performance through every storm.

  • Vesselnet: Improve maritime office efficiency with Globetech Vesselnet, a scalable and cyber-secure 9th-gen IT system, meeting IMO 2020 standards.
  • CCTV: Maximize safety and efficiency with our comprehensive CCTV surveillance, tailored to your needs for optimal oversight.

  • Advisory: Benefit from our 25+ years of maritime ICT expertise for strategic guidance on vessel operations, from network design to secure data transfer.

  • Smart Maintenance: Proactively manage your IT infrastructure with our Smart Maintenance, offering automatic patching, monitoring, and secure remote control.

Close-up of a ship's communication and navigation mast against a clear blue sky, featuring various antennas, radars, and navigation lights, indicative of modern maritime equipment.

Hybrid Connectivity

Reliable communication and data transfer across the oceans are now mandatory. Our solutions bridge the gap, empowering both management and crew to stay connected, informed, and productive at sea.

  • The Globetech Portal: Access crucial vessel data through the Globetech Portal, streamlining onboard ICT operations and enhancing collaboration.

  • Communication: Get tailored LEO, GEO, 4G/5G and GSM communication packages for worldwide connection.

  • Crew Wi-Fi: Control usage, optimize monthly quotas and improve the overall experience of your ship's internet connection.


Our digital duty is as vast as the sea itself. We embrace that.

Together with your IT department, we assemble a team to ensure top performance with minimal risk. Our commitment is your peace of mind.

A simple line drawing of a cargo ship, depicted in blue on a white background, with stylized waves beneath it representing the ocean.

Maritime Know-How

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Innovative Tech

Line art illustration of a ship's steering wheel, also known as a helm, in a light blue outline on a white background

Proper 24/7 Support

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Quality Suppliers

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Strategic Approach

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