Meet Globetech 

Passionate providers of global maritime connectivity.


The Globetech Passion

Seamless and secure digital sailing

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Email used to be impossible on ships. Now, it's indispensable. 

The digital transformation at sea is happening at large toward a new era of smartness. We’ve been part of the voyage for decades already, and continue to drive it towards a fully digitalized horizon.

But to reach that horizon safely, there are reefs to conquer: Cyber security, infrastructure, and data quality.

That's what we're here for.

Years of experience
Vessels equipped
The Globetech History

It all started on a taxi 
boat in Singapore

Back in 1998, one of the four yet-to-be Globetech founders installed his first laptop on a vessel – to raised eyebrows from its captain. He was an IT man on a ship. A strange sight.

A few years later, our founders realized the magnitude of digitalizing the maritime industry, and that it required around-the-clock focus, dedication, and support.

The inception came in 2010, on a taxi boat in Singapore, when our the founders decided to use that insight to create something of their own. Globetech was born the next year.

A decade and a half later, we continue to supply and support vessels with state-of-the-art IT equipment tailored for their respective maritime operations. 

We've not only witnessed the technological revolution at sea for the past twenty-some years. We've lived it. And we'll keep living it for the next twenty and beyond.

Company Highlights

The Globetech Milestones

  • 2011

    Globetech is born

    A company dedicated to maritime ICT excellence, Globetech saw the light of day in 2011.

    Our first assignment

    Globetech's first mission took us to Curacao, where we installed IT on JOIDES Resolution, a renowned science vessel sailing under the International Ocean Discovery Program today.

    Our first client

    2011 also marks the beginning of our first strategic partnership, with Siem Offshore signing up for tailored ICT solutions and secure connectivity. Siem remains a valued client to this day.

  • 2013

    Our first new colleague

    Two years from our establishment, it was time for our staff to expand beyond the founders. We hired our first specialist to continue delivering world-class ICT at sea.

  • 2014

    It's time for a child

    The need for our services expanded beyond the seven seas. Rather than wavering from our specialized course, we started a daughter company (Osselle) supplying and supporting IT for land-based clients. Globetech's sharp focus on maritime and offshore operations continued.

    What about the data?

    To continue to be able support vessels with reliable services, we invested in a maritime communications data center. The infrastructure still allows us to secure vast quantities of data for vessels roaming the seas.

  • 2015

    "Gaselle" company of the year

    Every year, renowned Norwegian newspaper Dagens Næringsliv nominate companies accelerating in growth and innovation to the Gaselle Award. We were on the list for 2015.

  • 2017

    A new fleet to the fold

    Having already secured several large vessels on contract, 2017 marked the year where we signed an agreement to support all of Utkilen's 24 chemical tankers. This became our largest supported fleet thus far.

  • 2019

    Employee number 10

    Globetech's crew continued to grow. In 2019, we welcomed our tenth talent to continue our adventure.

  • 2021

    Membership in Norma Cyber

    Norma Cyber, a Norwegian maritime organization for battling cyber security threats, was established in 2021. We didn't hesitate to sign up and join forces for safer maritime operations.

  • 2022

    ISO certifications

    We're relentless in our pursuit of quality and environmental stewardship. DNV awarded us with ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications in 2022.

  • 2023

    Employee number 20

    Four years after we reached double digits on the crew side, we doubled in size. Are you interested in making it 30? Visit our career page!

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The Globetech Impact

Our global responsibility is crystal clear: efficient and secure maritime operations. The future is connected, and we're proud to contribute to its enablement.

Local impact, however, is equally important to us. In 2023, the city of Kristiansand nominated us as Inclusive Company of the Year, with 20% of our employees hired from inclusive work-life arrangements.

We're also proud to support local charities with annual and continuous donations. For more information, please reach out at 

The Globetech Values

We're a diverse group driven by the same passion and mission. This is what guides us.


No shortcuts. No compromises. We deliver 100% quality 100% of the time. Safeguarding your operations and assets has no alternative.


For your crew and ours. Good relations are crucial for optimal operations. You'll never meet a faceless bot at Globetech – you'll meet a humble expert.


Never let the success of today stop the innovation of tomorrow. Excelling at maritime operations means gazing towards the horizon, too.

Two circular seals side by side. The left seal reads 'QUALITY SYSTEM CERTIFICATION DNV ISO 9001' and the right seal reads 'ENVIRONMENTAL SYSTEM CERTIFICATION DNV ISO 14001', both indicating compliance with international standards for quality and environmental management systems.


Globetech is ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified by DNV. 

The Globetech Management

Meet our team


Hans Eirik Onarheim

Managing Director

Atle Øya Fiskabekk

Product & Partner Manager

Cecilie Janeiro

Office Manager

Markus Moss

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)