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Keeping and protecting ships online requires passion, skill and talent. As we expand our fleet of connected vessels, we seek to do the same with our crew of talents.


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Working at Globetech

At the intersection between maritime operations and ICT, there's Globetech. We're tech people, yes, but always on behalf of seafarers.

All day, every day, around the year and worldwidee, we:

  • get ships online
  • keep ships online
  • protect ships online

That's our mission and passion. But there's more to being part of our crew. Have a read!

Crew stories – how's life at Globetech?

Karen Anderson


"The work environment at Globetech is incredibly welcoming and supportive.

The company's values shine through everything we do, from how we greet each other to the continuous drive for improvement."

Markus Moss


"Working in Globetech's specialized field is a constant intellectual challenge pushing me to grow every day.

Collaboration is strong across departments, clients, and partners to secure a safe and stable delivery."

Bernt Nilsen

Senior Consultant

"At Globetech, our mission is clear: to provide stable and secure IT solutions to our clients in a highly specialized market.

It's rewarding to contribute to these deliveries with renowned frameworks and skilled colleagues."

6 reasons to work at Globetech

We're proud and happy to say that no two days are identical at Globetech. But where there's variations in everyday operations, there's stability in our promises as to what you can expect to learn and achieve: 

Learn from experts

Whether you're already an expert in maritime ICT and cybersecurity or not, we guarantee you'll learn something new with us – from a colleague, client or challenge.

Explore the seas

At Globetech, we work explicitly with maritime and offshore companies. Working with us opens up a world of experience and networks along with marine know-how.

Contribute to society

What we do is both fun and useful. But we also serve a higher purpose: Securing the future of maritime and offshore operations. Your contribution is invaluable.

Be a superhero

We solve real-life challenges. By fixing problems or simply maintaining uptime, you will be the reason why a captain or IT manager sleeps well at night.

Experience creation

What's the next big thing? We don't just witness and utilize new the standards for maritime and offshore industry 4.0.
We shape them.

Have fun!

Our most valuable resource is our people. To foster proactiveness and good relations toward clients, we encourage a social and creative work environment. 

Vacant positions at Globetech

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