CCTV surveillance provides a complete overview of all areas and processes on a site, and increases the safety, security and efficiency for people, facilities and the environment.


A low angle view of a surveillance camera hanging overhead against a cloudy sky, with the silhouette of a ship's funnel also visible in the frame. The image conveys a sense of monitoring and security on a ship, with a focus on the camera's presence against the overcast weather conditions
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CCTV is vital for the coordination of appropriate responses in critical situations. 

We provide IP Based CCTV solutions using the latest technology from reliable brands. Whether you choose to use Open Architecture Video Management Systems (VMS) such as Ethiris or Milestone, or other proprietary systems, we will design the most appropriate CCTV solution tailor-made to meet requirements and needs.

In addition to vessel CCTV we provide tailored CCTV solutions for shipyards and docks, offering both installation and retrofitting services for vessels and sites.

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