Crew Wi-Fi

Control usage, optimize monthly quotas and improve the overall experience of the ship's internet connection


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Globetech Crew Wi-Fi 

Is a user-friendly solution which allows the crew to take control over their own Wi-Fi system. Each crew member has his or her own personal Wi-Fi account, and a permission to create guest accounts for port authority, service engineers and more. Fleet managers or crew officers have the opportunity to determine the rules concerning daily, weekly or monthly data quota, connection time and how many simultaneous devices that should be allowed per user account. 

If a handful of users occupy the onboard welfare network, Globetech Crew Wi-Fi is configured with a daily limit, preventing any user to exceed the limit. Each user will have access to a personal dashboard to view their quotas, change their password and log out. The Globetech Crew Wi-Fi, in combination with a good set up of the ships firewall, will reduce usage and improve the overall experience of the ship's internet connection. 

Key points: 

  • Control and optimize the ships monthly data packet
  • Apply daily, weekly or monthly data limit for users
  • Apply daily, weekly or monthly connection time limit for users
  • Limit on number of devices per user account
  • Easy to create logins and assign to profile
  • Disconnect users if the load is too heavy
  • Requires controlled connectivity
  • Requires managed Wifi and switches

Crew Welfare

Wifi plays a pivotal role in maintaining crew welfare onboard ships, providing essential connectivity for communication and entertainment.

Effective management of data quotas ensures that Wifi remains available throughout the month, promoting sustainable usage and minimizing costs.

Additionally, the integration of high-speed options like Starlink elevates the onboard experience, offering reliable and fast internet access for enhanced productivity and crew satisfaction.

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