Hybrid Connectivity

Reliable communication and data transfer across the oceans are now mandatory. Our solutions bridge the gap, empowering both management and crew to stay connected, informed, and productive at sea.


Maritime navigation and radar equipment against a clear blue sky with scattered clouds. The equipment is painted white, mounted on the top of a ship, and includes various antennae, radar domes, and communication devices
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Hybrid Connectivity solutions

Control room of a modern ship with an array of electronic screens and navigation equipment. The room is lit with ambient blue lighting and has a central console with various control buttons and joysticks, with chairs and workstations arranged around it

The Globetech Portal

Tech systems are an integral part of your vessel’s operations. Easy and user friendly access is key to operate them smoothly.

Access crucial vessel data through The Globetech Portal, streamlining onboard ICT operations and enhancing collaboration.

A man in a work shirt and safety helmet focused on his smartphone, with an industrial setting blurred in the background featuring rows of electrical panels and controls


All connectivity solutions from LEO to GEO, 4G/5G and GSM have their flaws and advantages, whether it’s latency, bandwidth or coverage.

Ensure global vessel connectivity with our reliable communication solutions tailored for peak performance.

Digital graphic of a fingerprint pattern overlaid on a network of connected lines and dots, representing a digital mesh. The concept illustrates cybersecurity, digital identity, or biometric authentication technology, with the fingerprint as a central focus on a dark, textured background.

Crew Wi-Fi

A modern workplace is a connected workplace. Especially when the workplace contains quarters and cabins – potentially thousands of nautical miles away from home. 

Enhance onboard connectivity by empowering your crew with personalized accounts and streamlined data management through our Crew Wi-Fi solutions. 

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