Information and Communication Technology in remote marine environments requires specialized solutions. We ensure reliability, durability, and performance through every storm.


Aerial view of a large container ship at sea overlaid with futuristic digital graphics, suggesting concepts like global trade logistics, maritime navigation technology, or supply chain management
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ICT solutions

A graphic concept showing a red cargo ship on turbulent seas with overlaying icons indicating satellite communication. The icons connect the ship to the internet and satellite technology, illustrating the vessel's data communication capabilities via global satellite networks.


Your vessels are fully operational floating offices. Just as your HQ, they need a functional and swift office and administration system.

Improve maritime office efficiency with Globetech Vesselnet, a scalable and cyber-secure 9th-gen IT system meeting IMO 2020 standards.

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Crew, cargo, equipment, and the vessel itself – your assets are all valuable and you’ll want to keep them in sight.

Maximize safety and efficiency with our comprehensive CCTV surveillance, tailored to your needs for optimal oversight.

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Managing IT at sea is a task of increasing importance. Knowing you have experts a phone call away can be an assuring feature.

Benefit from our 20+ years of maritime ICT expertise for strategic guidance on vessel operations, from network design to secure data transfer.

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Smart Maintenance

Maintaining IT infrastructure at sea is critical. There’s a traditional way of doing it, and a smart way of doing it. We believe in the latter.

Proactively manage your IT infrastructure with our Smart Maintenance, providing automatic patching, monitoring, and secure remote control.

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