Secure Network Infrastructure

Gain control over your network infrastructure, the vessels' digital highway.


A dusk view over a calm sea with multiple silhouettes of ships on the water. Overlaid are translucent, light blue arcs connecting points of light, suggesting digital connections or communication lines between the vessels, against the gradient of twilight sky.
Secure Network Infrastructure

Globetech network infrastructure on ships provides a secure and reliable solution for vessels of all sizes, from small tugs to large ships. Our network infrastructure offers the latest security and network protection features, including microsegmentation, network access protection, traffic shaping, web filter, intrusion prevention system, intrusion detection system and flexibility. 

Known customer pain points: 

  • Complex regulation from authorities

  • Difficult to plan for future needs

  • Lack of control and overview

  • Dynamic changes

  • Number of IT & OT devices are increasing rapidly

  • Cyber security

Product highlights:

IT & OT Integrations

With the rapid increase of IT & OT integrations and operational data sent to shore, structure and knowledge is key. Our product is ready and capable of the digitalization era that is taking place in the maritime industry.

Combining micro segmentation, Network Management, Cyber Security & our knowledge of the relevant regulators will enable your fleet to use operational and sensor data to digitalize and optimize your operations

Micro segmentation

Micro-segmentation is the foundation of secure network infrastructure on ships, allowing for the separation of the ship's network into multiple isolated segments. This helps to protect the network from external threats and allows for easier traffic flow management.

A comparison diagram of two submarine silhouettes side by side. The left one, labeled 'Without Micro-Segmentation,' is shown with a solid blue fill. The right one, labeled 'With Micro-Segmentation,' displays the submarine with segmented sections alternating between white and blue, indicating compartmentalization within the structure.

Network Access Control

Network Access Control is essential in order to ensure that only authorized personnel can access the ship's network. It also helps to prevent malicious actors from gaining access to the ship's sensitive data. 

Key points:

  • Protect your network from unauthorized users (unintentional and intentional)
  • Pre-authorize all devices


SDWAN & Traffic shaping

Traffic shaping helps to ensure that the ship's network is running as efficiently as possible by optimizing the flow of data. This helps to reduce latency, which in turn can help to improve the overall performance of the ships's network. 

Key Points: 

  • Prioritize business critical services
  • Ensure quality of service
  • Split bandwidth between local networks
  • Optimize traffic from LEO/GEO/GSM and other providers

Web filtering

Web filtering is an important security measure that helps to block malicious websites and other content that could be used to attack the ship's IT system

Key points: 

  • Block malicious and/or harmful websites
  • Complies with IMO 2021 regulations


Our solution offers comprehensive Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) and Intrusion Detection System (IDS) solutions. The solutions provide real-time protection against malicious traffic. They use deep packet inspection to detect and block malicious activity, as well as providing prevention and detection of application-level threats. The solutions provde near-real-time detection of malicious activity, using pattern matching and signature-based detection methods. Both systems can be used in combination to provide comprehensive network security. 

Key points:

  • Real-time protection
  • Real-time detection
  • Complies with IMO 2021 regulations

Managed Security Operations Center (MSOC)

The perfect add-on for this product is our MSOC solution we offer in collaboration with our partner, Norma Cyber. 

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