Smart Maintenance

An effortless & proactive way of maintaining your IT infrastructure.


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The Globetech Operational Department consists of a highly skilled team to ensure our clients the best possible operation and support. Our goal is long term relationships with our customers in order to ensure the best possible support for the vessels. 

We operate vessels worldwide and our full operational management contains elements such as: 

  • Product support & maintenance

  • 24/7/365 Service & Support

  • Preventive analysis and risk management

  • Warranty management

  • License management

  • Help to discover problems beyond Globetech's systems

The Globetech operational team consists of personnel who can travel on short notice. All our technicians have updated safety courses for offshore travel, vaccinations and are insured for operations worldwide.

The core of our solutions is the combination of the installed Vesselnet and Globetech Communication Center (GCC). The equipment is highly secured physically onboard, adapted to the demanding conditions offshore, and has been configured with full redundancy.

In effect this means that standby resolutions will be in place immediately, in the event of any severe system incident or failures. This is to ensure reduced risk for downtime – at all times during operations. With the kind of risk operational IT systems and solutions meet on a daily basis today, having such a focus and emphasis on safety and maintenance is key for the operational ability. 

This is all part of our core philosophy:

  • We work systematically on a daily basis to make sure that maritime safety and GDPR requirements from players such as IMO, The Norwegian Maritime Authority, OCIMF, IMCA et al. are always being met.

  • In order to maintain and support our system deliveries to meet all requirements from such organisations, we have built our own inhouse departement solely working on reducing risk and offering proactive system maintenance towards our clients.

  • As a result, we also have our own framework of Cyber Security which covers all safety requirements put forth from marine players such as IMO and other related organizations.


What is included:

  • Installation and setup of Smart Maintenance Basic for the business network for 1 vessel

  • 2 months of trial including agents and sensors

  • 1 status meeting after 1 month

  • Compliance and risk report mapped with a combo of IMO 2021Cyber Security guidelines and NIST2 framework

  • Report meeting and walkthrough with recommended actions and potential plan ahead

A modern computer monitor displaying a dashboard interface with various gauges, graphs, and metrics in shades of green on a dark background. The dashboard presents data on system status, security, and performance indicators, suggesting a monitoring tool for IT network management or data analytics

Automatic patch management

  • Handle zero-day vulnerability

  • Maintain same patch level on all devices across the fleet

  • Automated and scheduled patching

  • Patch compliance reports, gain actual control of patch levels

A computer monitor showing a dashboard with gauges on the left and a status table on the right, indicating various performance metrics and operational statuses

and alerts

  • Tailored monitoring of your IT systems

  • Dashboard and reports

  • Escalation of alerts

  • Maintenance planning and actions

  • Self-repairing

Computer monitor displaying a network diagram interface with a white background, featuring a list of network components on the left and a visual flowchart on the right illustrating the connectivity between nodes

Secure remote control

  • Role and permission-based security

  • Comply with IMO 2020 regulations

  • Session activity logging

  • Video and audio session logging

  • Open communication

  • World-class security with two-factor authentication

  • Support any web browser

Monitor showing a network topology interface with a central hub icon at the top and multiple node icons connected below, representing a hierarchical structure. Below the graphic is a table with columns for data such as IP address and status

Asset management and inventory

  • Automated and scheduled network scans

  • Automated agent deployment

  • IMO 2020 compliant

  • Inventory of both hardware and software

  • Tailored reports of your fleet

  • Whitelist and blacklist software based on company policies

Computer monitor displaying a dense list of logs or records, each with details such as timestamps, event descriptions, and status indicators, suggesting an event log or audit trail interface in a system monitoring application

Software deployment

  • Automated and scheduled software deployment

  • Local repository and application store for the crew

  • Maintain same software version on your entire fleet

  • Whitelist and blacklist of software according to your company policy

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