Utkilen AS signed contract with Globetech

Globetech AS has entered into a collaboration agreement with Telenor Maritime AS, strengthening the potential for business development and providing greater market access for both partners.

Globetech is a leading provider of ICT technology and services for vessels and floating offshore installations worldwide. Its expertise in delivering safe and reliable infrastructure solutions and ICT services for the maritime and offshore industries complements Telenor Maritime’s portfolio of connectivity solutions. The agreement will enable the partners to identify common business opportunities, to tender for, and to execute contracts with commercial actors within the maritime sector, to benefit their commercial interests and serve the industry with a wider range of quality solutions.


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Combining their technical expertise, the partners will develop solutions to meet the rising demand for high quality, high-capacity connectivity, with a cyber secure, redundant IT infrastructure. The partners will jointly perform use case reviews to identify which products and services are suitable for common promotion and delivery in the market and establish a go-to-market plan for shared products and services. This will enable Telenor Maritime and Globetech to offer a wider range of innovative and tailored solutions to meet the needs of maritime customers.

The collaboration agreement is the continuation of a successful informal cooperation between the two companies over the past 5 years. In December 2021, the companies signed a Letter of Intent Agreement with the goal to explore cooperation opportunities and assess the feasibility of entering a strategic partnership to develop and deliver ICT and connectivity products and services to offshore and maritime customers. Both parties concluded that their products, expertise, and split of responsibility were a good match, and decided to formalise the cooperation through a partnership agreement.

“Choosing to become a partner with Telenor Maritime came naturally as the result of having many common interests and few activities in the market where we compete. We have also already had several successful collaboration cases. Telenor Maritime has a strong position in the market and possesses a good pool of experience and expertise that complements Globetech. At the same time, the quality of what is delivered by Telenor Maritime is of high importance to Globetech’s business.”, says Hans Eirik Onarheim.


Globetech looks forward to the journey ahead with Telenor Maritime

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”Our companies have complementary expertise and experience, which we hope can lead to us being better equipped in the market, growing our market reach, and providing our customers and the market with greater value.”

– Hans Eirik Onarheim, CEO at Globetech.

More muscles mean more cooperation

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