Aqua Merdø installation completed

Both Globetech and our clients are continuously working to ensure secure operations for vessels and crew. Although these are challenging times for all, we are excited to report some good news in the menace of it all.

DESS Aquaculture Shipping AS joined the Globetech portfolio in February this year and Globetech is providing all ICT services, both onshore and for all vessels / fleet. This week one of our Senior IT consultants installed Globetech VesselNet generation 8 onboard the harvest vessel Aqua Merdø at Vard in Ålesund, preparing the vessel for operations. Aqua Merdø is designed to cover existing and future needs for on-site harvesting with delivery directly to onshore facility and is the first vessel in the DESS Aqua fleet to get VesselNet gen. 8 installed.

We want to ensure our clients and collaborators that safety is still our main priority, and that we are following the advice and regulations from the health authority in order to apply preventive measures and avoid infection. With close cooperation with our clients we discuss and evaluate each installation and the travel that is needed to execute the task. Installations are taking place between crew change and sanitation is preformed due diligent.

Aqua Merdø is currently located at Vard for docking and handover and is expected to go in operation immediately after the docking.

For more information on the DESS Aquaculture Shipping fleet, please read here: https://www.dessaqua.com



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