Globetech makes us safer and more robust

“Globetech solutions has made our operations safer and more robust,” says ICT Manager at the shipping company Utkilen AS.

Globetech completed a comprehensive upgrade project for the entire fleet of 17 Utkilen vessels this summer. The upgrade included installation of VesselNet onboard all vessels, including new servers, firewalls, client computers and back-up systems.

“We expect more than ever from our maritime ICT systems. With Globetech onboard as our professional ICT supplier and partner, we are well equipped to streamline operations,” says Sigmund-Tore Grane, ICT Manager at Utkilen.  



Utkilen is a major ocean-based transport company of liquid in bulk cargoes in Northern Europe. Harsh weather conditions and a very hectic opertion make Utkilen very aware of how their ICT systems are set up and managed. 

“Globetech shares our idea of keeping things simple. Their technical solutions and their way of operating is solid and based on best practice. Globetech project management skills and communication has been excellent ever since we started implementing Globetech solutions in 2017,” says Grane.

According to Utkilen, Globetech brings more to the table than an ordinary IT supplier.

“Ocean-based ICT is special. I would not expect a random ICT consultant to understand the extraordinary challenges we face at sea. The offshore toolbox in considerably smaller than the onshore toolbox. Consultants need to be able to work efficiently and think outside the box. In these particular areas, Globetech has solid knowledge and experience,” says Grane. 



Along with traditional ICT and infrastructure solutions, Globetech also provides advisory services to Utkilen on various issues, including technical expertise and cyber security.

“Cybersecurity is one of several issues that are of increasing importance to us, and where we want outside experts to assist us,” says Grane.

He says shipping companies have traditionally had a conservative approach to the role of ICT in operations.

“However, within the last few years we have seen an increased focus on the need for a more standardized ICT infrastructure, and an increased demand for competence and knowledge.  In Globetech, we have found a partner that can assist us and participate in our inhouse discussions on a regular basis,” says Grane.



The top priority for Grane and Utkilen is to avoid downtime for their ICT systems onboard their vessels. Without functioning ICT systems, Utkilen vessels are of course not allowed to operate.

“Downtime is our biggest fear. If the system shuts down, we quickly lose income. So, avoiding downtime is obviously our highest priority. After implementing Globetech solutions, we consider our systems to be first class. The probability of downtime is reduced to a minimum,” says Grane.



Atle Øya Fiskebekk, COO at Globetech, has worked closely with Grane and Utkilen during the implementation. He says the work has been interesting and rewarding.

“We are thrilled to receive such positive feedback from Utkilen after having completed our deliveries. Our goal is always to deliver high quality solutions with advisory services, including solid project management skills and technical competence”, says Fiskebekk.

“Utkilen feedback reinforces that Globetech deliver modern maritime ICT services that make operations safer, more robust and more reliable,” Fiskebekk continuous.

Sigmund-Tore Grane ICT Manager at Utkilen

Sigmund-Tore Grane, ICT Manager at Utkilen


Utkilen together with representatives

Espen Bjelland, CFO of Utkilen together with representatives from AVIC Dingheng Shipyard – taking delivery of M/T Mostraum in Shanghai, China on the 27th of June 2019.


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