Increase in targeted campaigns towards the maritime sector

VesselNet provides secure and robust operations of business-critical systems and the system has contained the latest recommendations from Norwegian National Security Authority (NSM) for over 10 years.

The Norwegian National Security Authority (NSM) has in their latest distribution regarding cybersecurity for the maritime sector recommended measures in order to reduce risk for cyber breaches. NSM considers that the maritime sector, including oil and gas has been exposed to targeting cyber campaigns.

Within the maritime sector, NSM NCSC, Norwegian Shipowners’ Association and Norwegian Maritime Authority considers vessels and the shipowners land-based infrastructure to be vulnerable for cyberattacks and breaches.


VesselNet gen. 7

With 20+ years of experience within infrastructure and IT, technology and in-depth knowledge of the maritime industry’ needs and specifications, Globetech provides a secure and robust solutions for vessel and fleet. The in-house developed infrastructure solution VesselNet ensure operations of business-critical systems and has contained these latest recommendations from NSM for over 10 years.

VesselNet gen. 7 contains the recommended measures:

  • Segmentation of network
  • Logging of activities of endpoints and network
  • Encrypted communication with SSL certificate
  • Limited access for information

In addition to the technical solutions and measures, we highly recommend establishing a profound awareness culture within the organizations’ in order to reduce risk of breaches.


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